Hurricane Michael Claims Deserve More Attention

Florida Hurricane Season 2021: Batten Down the Hatches


Hurricane season is upon us, folks, and it’s time to know the facts and prepare your home. Last year, we shared our hurricane safety tips for our Pinellas County neighbors, which had helpful information on keeping your family safe and protecting your home. That’s because as experienced Florida hurricane insurance claims lawyers, we have seen the damage that storms and hurricanes can wreak on your home. From destroyed roofs and exterior structures damaged by debris to interiors spoiled by water leakage: your home can take a major beating.

Of course, you’ll remember the flooding damage and high winds that Hurricane Eta caused in November 2020 when it hit Cedar Key, north of the bay area. 

Brace yourself, Florida

This year, the experts are predicting that the 2021 hurricane season in Florida could be above average, making it a big concern. Florida dodged the hurricane bullet last year because although there were 30 named storms, all hurricanes missed Florida. 

Unfortunately, that luck may be about to run out. We recently read in the Tampa Bay Times that scientists at Colorado State University predict that this year’s hurricane season could be a mega one. They’re predicting 17 named storms, 8 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes in 2021.

This means a potential for catastrophic home damage. Philip Klotzbach, a lead hurricane researcher, commented “the big concern is that one of these storms is going to hit a major metropolitan area and cause massive amounts of damage. That’s especially the case for Tampa – St. Petersburg, which is so, so prone to storm surges.”

As Florida residents, and active members of the St. Petersburg community, this statement certainly hits home. 

Your shelter in the storm

You can take steps to get your home and family ready for hurricane season, and you can stay up to date on forecasts. However, no matter how prepared you are, debris, torrential rainfall, and powerful winds can ravage your home. If your home takes a beating this hurricane season and sustains damage, you’ll want to make an insurance claim. Beware the common stumbling blocks that insurance companies can put in your path:

  • Coverage disputes
  • Lowball offers
  • Delays in responding to your claim

On top of the stress of handling the aftermath of a hurricane, dealing with insurance adjusters who are trying to dodge your claim can be tough. We can help. As experienced and dedicated insurance claim lawyers in Florida, we know the games that insurance companies play, and how to sidestep them. 

Hurricane insurance claims are one of the things we specialize in at Jenkins Law PL. We fight for what you, the policyholder, are entitled to. We want to get you the maximum settlement that you deserve. The first positive step you can take in rebuilding after a hurricane is to get in touch. We offer a free consultation, and you can learn more about what you’re entitled to. As for the next steps, we will figure those out, together.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay informed. When the clouds pass, the sun will come out again.