5 Things Not To Do During a Hurricane Insurance Claim


5 Things Not To Do During a Hurricane Insurance Claim

Hurricane Insurance ClaimIf you are going through the process of making a claim after a hurricane, you may feel overwhelmed by the process of filing the claim. A hurricane can be a particularly stressful event especially for homeowners that are affected. It can be easy to get caught up in the stress and chaos and make mistakes with your insurance claim. Here are five things that you should not do when filing an insurance claim after a hurricane:

Do not return to your home until it’s deemed safe: if you return your home early you could get in the way of first responders or other critical services that are working to make your neighborhood safe once again. Do not return your home until you are given proper authorization if you have had to evacuate. You should never stay in your home until it’s deemed safe and structurally sound either.

Don’t start throwing everything away: items that seem to be damaged beyond repair will still need to be properly valued by your insurance company. Don’t start throwing away all of your damaged assets, keep them around until you get a proper assessment.

Contact your insurance company immediately: as soon as damage occurs you need to contact your insurance company so that you can get on the list for a representative to manage your insurance claim. Waiting a long time to initiate your claim could mean that you have to wait longer for compensation.

Make sure the adjuster does a thorough job: many insurance adjusters will do a quick run over of your property, but it’s crucial that they explore all regions of your property to account for it every piece of damage. Do not pre-diagnose the damage yourself or follow the adjuster too closely, but make sure that they are valuing every aspect of your property. It may be wise to work with an insurance attorney and public adjuster to make sure that the insurance company did not undervalue your damages.

Don’t feel like you have to accept the first offer: an insurance adjuster will only provide an initial estimate of your loss. You don’t have to take the first claim as most the time insurance companies will undervalue the true cost of damage repairs. Don’t be afraid to work with an insurance lawyer to get the full value. 

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