3 Crucial Tips on Homeowners Insurance in Florida


3 Crucial Tips on Homeowners Insurance in Florida

Jenkins Law PLIf you are a homeowner in Florida and you’re thinking about insurance, it’s very important to do your research up front on the right types of insurance products and level of coverage that you will have. Here are three crucial tips for homeowners insurance throughout Florida:

Understanding Your Coverage

Many home insurance owners often take some of their coverage for granted. Auxiliary structures like your garage or your workshop for example may not be covered and through your regular insurance. If your home is damaged because of a storm you could be responsible for getting contractors yourself as well. Your home might not even be covered in the event of a major storm like a hurricane depending on your coverage. Be sure to read your policy and truly understand the coverage that you’re paying for.

Understanding Your Deductible

In many cases, even if you have insurance coverage you could be responsible for paying a separate hurricane deductible for the extra losses with your home. Deductibles often range between 1 to 5% of the home value and you could be on the hook for this in the event of an emergency. Make sure that you always have an emergency fund and that you understand the total value of your deductible in an emergency like this one.

Keeping Your Documentation

Having access to proper documentation in a safety deposit box or safe is very important. This can help make sure that coverage can be sped up considerably. Documentation of the damages through taking pictures can also help to make sure that you can process the claim faster.

Keep some of these crucial tips in mind if you are considering homeowners insurance in Florida or if you’re the owner of homeowners insurance in Florida. Be sure to contact us if you need help with an insurance claim today.