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Bicyclist Injury


4 Actions You Must Take if You’re a
Cyclist Hit by Car


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If you’re reading this page, we take it that your bike ride didn’t go to plan. Maybe biking is your everyday exercise routine or a way to start your morning? Whatever the case may be, you definitely didn’t anticipate a collision with thousands of pounds of moving metal. At Jenkins Law, we understand that life doesn’t always go according to plan. Here are the 4 actions you must take if you are involved in an accident as a cyclist.

Collect Information

Any accident can be jarring, let alone one where you’re unprotected. No seatbelts. No airbags. No car to cushion your impact. However, as a cyclist, it is imperative to be aware of your surroundings at all times., particularly after an accident. Collect information from:

The Driver

Just like in an automobile accident, you must exchange information with any other person involved in the accident. Collect the necessary insurance, license, and contact information. Don’t let the person responsible for the accident off of the hook because of poor record keeping on your part.

The Vehicles

As a cyclist hit by a car, you are responsible for documenting both the motor vehicle as well as your bicycle after a collision. Taking pictures of both vehicles after a crash could be a valuable resource even months after an incident.

If you have your bicycle repaired, make sure the bicycle shop documents all repairs made and any costs associated with those repairs.

The Land

If you’re a cyclist hit by a car, you’re also going to want to survey the scene of the accident. Make sure to keep a record of the pavement, mile meters, signalization, and landmarks where the event took place. There are scenarios where your local municipality can be at-fault because of poor driving conditions.

Third Parties

Was it a busy intersection where the accident occurred? Did traffic stop and passerby come to your aide?

Along with the information that you’ve collected about the parties directly involved in the incident, you want to acquire information from potential witnesses. The more well-documented the accident is, the better for you.

Call the Police

If there is anything we can impress upon you, it’s to treat a cycling accident with the same seriousness you would treat an accident involving cars. Just like an auto accident, it’s important to contact local authorities about an incident.

When the police arrive, they will go through their own process of documentation and questioning for their records. It is a good idea to ask for the police report reference number so you can perform your own follow-up on the official documentation.

Seek Medical Treatment

For us, there is no more important consideration than your well being. Before any other course of action, if your injuries are substantial, seek out medical treatment as your first priority. Your health is the absolute top concern.

However, even if your injuries do not require immediate medical attention, you must seek follow-up care. There are many instances where adrenaline can mask injury and the real toll of the accident comes weeks and months down the line. Insurance companies can take advantage of the time that your injuries go unreported. If you are a cyclist hit by a car and wait three months to report an injury, there’s no guarantee your accident will be viewed as the cause.

It is equally as important that you follow up on treatments and protocols your medical professional recommends. You need to do your part to nurse your injuries back to full health. That way, the true extent of your injuries can be examined, knowing that you followed the professional guidelines outlined by your doctor.

Seek Counsel if You’re a Cyclist Hit by Car

If you are a cyclist hit by a car, it’s important that you are fully informed about your rights and entitlements. At Jenkins Law, we dedicate our practice to work with individuals so they can reclaim their lives following an accident. If you are someone who has recently been in a cycling accident, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will rely on our knowledge and experience to get your life back into gear.